WILD Trail Running began because we love the outdoors, trail running, and living our dreams.  Western Pennsylvania trail running offers rocks, roots, and the fresh smell of pine trees carried by the breeze with the healing energy of the woods and creeks.  Come join us and catch your dreams.

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 about Jenni


Jenni Hulburt has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and a Master’s in Kinesiology (Sport Psychology). She has been a runner since childhood, as a born-and-raised Ohio farm girl chasing cows through the pasture.  Jenni ran competitively in graduate school and has completed trail runs and races from 5K to 50 miles, including the Grand Canyon R2R2R.  She was also the XTERRA Trail Running Arizona series regional champion in 2011.  As a wellness coach, runner, and entrepreneur – her mission is to inspire women in running, wellness, and living their dreams – on the trail, and in their life.








We believe running inspires courage and inner strength. It fuels the body, powers the mind, and dares you to dream. Remember this daily:

Let nature be your inspiration.

Practice self-care as self-compassion.

Listen to your body.

Renew and restore.

Be nature fed.

You are a woman who can live her dreams.

Run because it fills you up – don’t let other opinions bring you down.

Go with gratitude and a positive attitude.

Run with rocks and roots beneath

Sky and trees above

…and the belief that you can do anything within.